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Treatment Methods


Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling


A Trigger point is a knot or thickened fibrous band within a muscle. Trigger points can refer pain to other parts of the body and are often tender or painful when palpated. Trigger points may lead to a muscle switching off or reducing the strength of its contraction meaning that other parts of the body have to work harder to compensate. This overworking of other muscles may lead to an imbalance or strain.
Through the insertion of fine acupuncture needles into trigger points we are able to unlock the “knots” within the muscle causing more efficient movements and reducing pain.

Foot Mobilisation


Foot Mobilisation is aimed at mobilising the joints of the lower limb and feet. This technique helps increase the quality and range of motion within a joint that has been restricted by connective tissues adaptations. The longer a joint is restricted through biomechanical dysfunction, the more likely it is that soft tissue adaptations may be limiting its normal function. Foot Mobilisation can dramatically restore your foots normal joint function and the alignment of the bones in your feet.

Stretching, Mobility & Strengthening Programs


Currently Under Construction



At Corrimal Podiatry we use Orthotics as a tool not a treatment.

If an Orthotic is needed as a part of your treatment we will prescribe them however our goal is always  to get your feet functioning as well as they can and as naturally as they can without relying on support from  orthotics or bulky footwear.



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