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Are Your Feet Ready For Summer?

With Summer fast approaching it is time to start kicking those winter shoes off and getting into that Summer footwear.

But are you really ready?

Step into summer with confidence knowing that your feet are looking and feeling the best they can.

It is not uncommon for our feet to get a little neglected over the winter months. Maybe those nasty looking corns and callouses have built up. Or is it that your nails have become unsightly and thickened or ingrown? Have you developed dry cracked and painful heels?


At Corrimal Podiatry our friendly , easy going Podiatrists can help get you feet looking and feeling amazing for summer.

Our Foot care treatments are quick and painless.

We will leave you feeling confident and like you have stepped into a new pair of feet.

And of course since our Podiatrists only use instruments and procedures that adhere to strict sterilisation and infection control procedures! (meaning there is no need to worry about some of the horror stories you hear people experiencing at some nail salons)

We know life can get busy so Corrimal Podiatry is open Monday-Friday with late appointments available to help fit in with your busy schedule. We also offer Saturday morning Appointments.

Whatever the problem, if it is causing pain and discomfort or if you are simply feeling embarrassed or self conscious about your feet - WE CAN HELP!

To book a consult phone 0242859006

We look forward to helping you get your feet ready for summer

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