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Now I am not saying that all orthotics are bad, in fact some people genuinely need orthotics and when any of my patients need them I certainly prescribe them. I do believe however that orthotics are over prescribed and over relied on. We live in a world where people want a quick fix and want to be fixed the quickest and easiest way. The quickest and easiest way however is not always the best way.

So what if we actually retrain and rehabilitate feet instead of just thowing them in splints and hoping for the best. It is time to start treating the real problems causing dysfunctional feet instead of just treating the symptoms.

Stay tuned for upcoming info, tips and advice on what is destroying our feet and what you can do to ensure you keep your foundations strong and more importantly what you can do to ensure you protect and teach your kids about the importance of keeping their feet strong.


#strongfoot #orthotics #barefoot

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