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Diabetes and High Risk Foot Care


It is estimated that over 100,00 people were diagnosed with diabetes in the past year which translates to over 280 new people being diagnosed with diabetes each day.

Diabetes is one of Australia's fastest growing chronic conditions and it is no secret that Diabetes can cause significant problems to the feet due to decreased blood flow and a loss of protective sensation in the feet.  


Generally the reduction of circulation and sensation takes place gradually  within the body and as a consequence there are no major warning signs to alert you to the problem in the early stages.    


There are 3 consistent problems we have identified that people with Diabetes face  when living with Diabetes.


1.     You have heard about diabetic complications such as infections, ulcers         and  amputations and want to know how to prevent that happening to           you.


​2.     Your feet feel fine so you are confused as to how at Risk your feet                 really are.


3.     You are unsure whether you are maintaining your feet correctly or find           it difficult to care for your own feet safely.




At Corrimal Podiatry we help you solve these problems by

Completing a thorough Diabetic foot assessment which may include some simple tests to determine your risk factors such as:

  • Visual Foot Assessments

  • Circulation testing - checking for pulses in the feet or via the use of a doppler ultrasound etc

  • Sensation Testing - gentle pressure testing and vibration recognition testing etc

  • Gait Analysis - watching you walk when needed


We can then Educate you on the Risk status of your feet and what you can do to prevent complications whilst being able to continue  living an active, independant life.


Whether you are unable to reach or see your feet safely or just are not confident in maintaining your own feet we can provide ongoing regular maintainence to your Nails and Skin. This will put your mind at ease knowing that your feet are in good hands. 








To prevent problems with your feet:

  • keep your nails short and wash your feet daily using warm water.

  • Wear shoes that fit properly.

  • See a podiatrist or chiropodist (foot care specialist) regularly so that any problems can be detected early.

  • Regularly check your feet for cuts, blisters or grazes because you may not be able to feel them if the nerves in your feet are damaged.

  • See your GP if you have a minor foot injury that doesn't start to heal within a few days.

Some Handy Tips .

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